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Do You Buy Natural Skin Care Products For Aging Skin?

It should be obvious as to why the choice natural skin care products for aging skin makes the most sense, but some people just don’t seem to be getting it. These are the folks that continue to buy the formulas being produced by the major cosmetics companies, despite the warnings that there are agents in them that can be quite harmful to humans. Why do these people continue to buy these products?

I think that it is because a lot of people still don’t like to take the warnings about possible dangers to their health seriously. I have heard people say many time that “something’s going to kill you” in a joking way. The people that you don’t hear laughing about it are the ones that truly are fighting for their lives, and possibly losing that fight, because of things they allowed to be absorbed into their bodies.

Everyone needs to begin using natural skin care products for aging skin not just because they are more effective, but because the danger of the chemical agents found in most skin care formulas has not been overstated. There are agents being used that in some cases can end your life quickly, as with phenol carbolic acid, and many that can end it slowly and painfully.

The main concern over the chemical agents used to make skin care formulas is that there are such a great number of commonly used chemicals that have been proven to be carcinogenic. Parabens, which are a group of chemicals used as preservatives in cosmetics, tops the list as far as noted carcinogens go. Other compounds, such as the previously noted phenol carbolic acid do not get quite the notoriety.

Phenol carbolic acid is known for causing random individuals to suffer from convulsions, paralysis, coma, circulatory collapse, and respiratory failure. You should not have to put your health at risk in order to have younger looking skin. This is why it is imperative that everyone that uses cosmetics needs to use only natural skin care products for aging skin.

The sort of compounds that you want to look for in effective skin care products are plant based oils and emollients. These ingredients soothe your skin, provide it with essential omega fatty acids and other nutrients, and with antioxidants necessary for the repair of the age inducing molecular damage caused by free radicals. In short, they offer you everything that you need, and pose no threat to you.

The current crop of natural skin care products for aging skin even offers you compounds to help you replenish the lost tissue that is causing your wrinkles to form. Using specific combinations of proteins and enzymes the production of your collagen and elastin can be greatly enhanced, which will lead you to have beautiful, younger looking, wrinkle free skin.

Natural skin care products for aging skin will give you the healthy skin that you desire, and better yet they will allow you to maintain your good health so that you can enjoy your youthful appearance longer.

All Natural Skin Care Ingredients – Do They Have to Be 100 Percent All Natural to Be Safe?

While many synthetic ingredients used in commercial skin and body products are toxic or potentially toxic, there are some synthetic ingredients that are considered to be safe and non-toxic.   As natural products are becoming increasingly popular due to consumer awareness, it seems the word “synthetic” has developed a negative stigma, regardless of whether a particular ingredient is safe or not.  In fact, more and more “naturally” based skin care companies are incorporating synthetic ingredients (particularly those in the anti-aging category) into their products.

Conversely, there are all natural ingredients which can be toxic, and you wouldn’t want to use.  Also some natural substances such as bergamot oil and lavender essential oil can both increase sensitivity to sunlight.  While essential oils do have benefits (they are routinely used in natural skin care products), they can be irritating for some sensitive skin types.

Sometimes it is necessary to use a non-toxic synthetic ingredient (s) when no equivalent can be found in nature.  It’s difficult not to notice that many naturally based skin care companies are now using some of the ” hottest” anti-aging ingredients in their products. Are they 100% all natural? Some are not. Are they safe?  According to some research data banks that evaluate the safety of cosmetic ingredients, they are rated as relatively non-toxic (however, more research may be needed to confirm the safety levels of these ingredients).  Among them are Matrixyl 3000, a synthetic pentapedtide, which is suppose to increase collagen production, hyaluronic acid, a powerful humectant which occurs naturally in the human body, and R-Lipoic Acid, a powerful antioxidant which mimics what our bodies naturally produce, but is synthesized in a lab because there is not enough of it found in nature.

While the idea of using 100% all natural products may seem appealing, it does not necessarily mean they are safe. In fact, failure to include effective preservatives in a product can lead to health problems, such as skin infection. Some companies use a combination of essential oils, but research indicates that in order for essential oils to be effective as a standalone preservative, they would need to be used at unsafe levels. In our opinion, there are really no safe and effective all natural preservatives. While it is sometimes apparent that a product has gone “bad,” (e.g. visible mold spores or product separation), bacteria may not always be visible to the naked eye. So, in reality you may be using a product which may look fine, when in fact it isn’t.

Often, it is necessary to use some type of synthetic non-toxic preservative (s) to ensure the products you use are safe. The recent negative publicity surrounding the use of parabens may give the impression that all synthetic preservatives are toxic or carcinogenic, when in fact, they are not.  Many natural skin care companies find it daunting to come up with safe and non-toxic preservatives for their natural products.  In an ideal world, we’d  be able to pluck the leaves or seeds from a plant or tree, crush it up and mix into our products and come up with a safe and effective preservative.  In reality, this rarely happens.

Some natural preservatives are originally plant derived, but must undergo a chemical process to convert them into a viable and effective compound strong enough to prevent and combat bacteria and fungus.  A balance must be struck between effectiveness and gentleness – in other words, a preservative, which is not only non-toxic, but one that won’t cause (in the majority of people) skin irritations, allergic reactions (e.g. dermatitis).  Some non-toxic preservatives which undergo some type of synthetic process with excellent safety records include Cosmocil CQ , Potassium Sorbate (usually used in conjunction with other preservatives), and Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE). However, not all GSE is processed the same way.  It should be free from triclosan and benzethonium chloride. Many natural skin care companies also use Phenoxyethanol, another broad spectrum preservative. These preservatives may offer a potentially safer alternative to parabens and preservatives that release formaldehyde such as imidazolidinyl urea and DMDM Hydatoin.

From our perspective, it is more important for a product to be safe and non-toxic rather than a 100% all natural. Bear in mind, that some consumer advocacy organizations such as the National Ingredient Resource Center (NIRC) considers a product “all natural,” if it contains at least 95% of ingredients which fits their criteria for natural ingredients. The other 5% may come from ingredients that do not meet their criteria for natural, but do not contain synthetic fragrances, artificial colors or ingredients from petrochemicals.  The toxicity of each ingredient must also be minimal.  So a product label which reads, “All Natural,” may not be same as one that states, “100% All Natural.”

It might be a great idea to do more research.  This will help ensure the products you purchase are not only effective, but safe.  Many resources are available on the internet.  One great resource is the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics at  They provide comprehensive, up to date information on safer skin and body care, as well as those ingredients you may want to avoid.  

Discover One of the Best Selling Natural Skin Care Moisturizers

Let’s face it. Just because a product is the best selling natural skin care moisturizer on the market, what exactly is it that makes you think that you should buy it too? Don’t think that because this formula is a hot seller that it is guaranteed to have the ingredients you need in order to help you to repair your skin. Nine times out of ten you would be wrong with that assumption.

Most of the time all that it takes for a cosmetics product to sell like hotcakes is either a strong marketing push, or a celebrity endorsement. The reason that we make poor purchasing decisions is that we as humans tend to believe what it is that we are told, and so we act on the information that we have gathered. This is not the way to choose which skin care products to use.

Before going out and buying the best selling natural skin care moisturizer find out what ingredients it contains, and then find out what they do and what potential dangers they pose. Most people assume that because a product comes fro a well known company that there could not possibly be anything harmful inside. I already told you what your odds were when making assumptions concerning cosmetics.

The fact is that the vast majority of the skin care products on the market are not healthy for you to use on your skin. They are not even safe for you to use. What typically goes into the making of skin care products are low grade synthetics, and chemical agents that have been proven through clinical studies to be potentially harmful to your health.

It is quite possible for the best selling natural skin care moisturizer to contain chemical agents that will cause ailments ranging from hormonal imbalances to the development of cancer. You don’t need these types of ingredients in your cosmetics formulas. What you need is something that is truly organic, and they are out there if you just look hard enough.

You don’t hear much about what could be considered the higher quality cosmetics products, because it is typical for the companies that make these products to put all of their money into research and development rather than advertising. These plant based formulas will give you all of the results that the lower quality products promise you, and they won’t put your health in jeopardy.

What the best selling natural skin care moisturizer should contain are ingredients such as active New Zealand Manuka honey, Babassu wax, Maracuja passion fruit extract, Capuacu butter, Functional Keratin, Phytessence Wakame extract, and the antioxidant protein and enzyme mixture Cynergy TK. These along with macadamia, olive, grape seed, and avocado oils.

Put this to the test right away! The product containing all of these ingredients would without a doubt be the best selling natural moisturizer if only people took the time to find out what wonders these ingredients can do. Try the compounds with these ingredients in them, and the changes that people see in your skin will be better than any advertisement that the manufacturer could pay for.

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